Kellene Addison

"In the simplest terms, I started this company because 1. There are not enough LGBT clothing lines out there. and 2. I'm so sick of shopping in the little boys section!"

Other Stuff

Kellene also owns another company called 521 Promo. The company is completely owned an operated by queers : )521 Promo is a promotional advertising company specializing in promotional products, custom board games, custom dice, custom monopoly games and custom playing cards. 521 Promo has also produced several LGBT games.

Our newest editions are "The Just Married Game" by: SYCK GIRL GAMES, Check them OUTT! We are also in the process of producing a game for Mansquared!.

If you are looking for an LGBT company for any promotional needs 521 Promo is the one for you, with amazing customer service, high quality and low cost you can't go wrong. Not to mention we ARE family!


We are an lgbt clothing line geared towards:

Gender Benders
Straight Supports
and everything in between!

OUTT CLOTHING is a brand new queer-owned and operated LGBT clothing company started a few months ago by Kellene Addison. Having ten years of experience in fashion, marketing and advertising, the goal of the company is to create a clothing line with a mind-set that will appeal to the Adam within you without ignoring the Eve.

Lesbian,Gay,Transgender, and Bi clothing has been obsolete in the market for way too long. There are a few other Lesbian Clothing lines out there, but by far not enough. Outt Clothing has come into the lgbt clothing market to bring more awareness to our community. Lgbt clothes are usually made with silly slogans or tons of rainbows, which isn't bad, but there really is nothing out there with a fashion forward mind.

Here at Outt Clothing we expect to bring a new, hip and edgy look to the lgbt clothing community. Another problem with Lgbt Clothes for my fellow butch/futch wimmin is that most shirts don't fit our body the right way without looking to FEMME. We have done our research and have found shirts that still have a masculine appeal, but fit our bodies.

Outt Clothing is starting off small with just shirts, hats and accessories, but we hope to grow in the LGBT community.

Fashion Forward Lgbt clothes are in great demand at the moment as our community grows there are more and more wimmin out there looking for clothes made for and by the LGBT community. Much Love, Shane

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• Sartorial Butch • The Queer Fat Femme • Young Creature
• SYCK Girl Games • Cherry Grrl • Dot 429

These are just a few of the sites and blogs we love to visit! Please feel free to introduce us to some new ones.

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